WHT Attorneys Pen Feature Article in DRI Compensation Courier

An article written by Ward, Hocker & Thornton attorneys Don Walton and Donnie Niehaus was recently featured in the “Compensation Courier”, the newsletter of the Workers’ Compensation Committee of the DRI. DRI is the leading organization of defense attorneys and in-house counsel with international membership.   Donnie NiehausDonald C. Walton III

The article, entitled “Recent Cases Demonstrate KY’s Employee-Friendly System”, details several unfavorable rulings for Kentucky employers over the last decade. Walton and Niehaus state that as a result of these rulings, Kentucky’s legislative branch is actively working to amend the Workers’ Compensation Act in order to make Kentucky a more attractive state to new businesses. Since the article was written, several very important changes were indeed made with Governor Bevin’s signing into law House Bill 2.  However, it remains important for employers and insurers to retain experienced defense attorneys to navigate this ever-changing area of law.

If you are an employer, or insurance provider, and would like to know more about Kentucky’s Workers’ Compensation laws, contact the WHT Workers’ Compensation practice group today.

Click here to read the article: “Recent Cases Demonstrate KY’s Employee-Friendly System”.

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