Summary Judgment Obtained in Products Liability Case

WHT attorneys Gregg Thornton, Jillian House and Alexandra DeMoss-Campbell obtained summary judgment on behalf of Regal Beloit in their case, Leslie Edlin v. Regal Beloit and others. Ms. Edlin was injured while working at a plant in Elizabethtown when her hand was caught in a  moving conveyor belt.  The lawsuit alleged Ms. Edlin suffered a severe degloving injury to her hand and arm as the result of a defective design of the conveyor.  Specifically, she alleged that the conveyor had insufficient safety guards and inadequate emergency stops.  Agreeing with Regal Beloit’s argument that it was not the manufacturer or designer of the conveyor, the court found that Regal Beloit was not subject to strict liability.  Further agreeing with Regal Beloit, the court found that Regal Beloit was a component part manufacturer and that the component part in no way contributed to the mechanism of injury claimed by the Plaintiff. The lawsuit against Regal Beloit was completely dismissed.




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