Kentucky Court of Appeals Upholds Defense Verdict Obtained by WHT Attorneys

The Kentucky Court of Appeals recently issued an opinion affirming a Fayette County jury’s defense verdict in favor of an insurance company represented by WHT.  The plaintiff claimed to have sustained injuries in a rear-end motor vehicle accident in Lexington, Kentucky; specifically, she alleged that a preexisting knee condition was aggravated in the accident.  After a trial, the jury found that the accident was not a substantial factor in causing her injuries and issued a verdict for the insurance company.

Graham D. BarthThe Court of Appeals affirmed the verdict, finding no error in the trial court’s refusal to exclude the testimony of a defense expert witness concerning the mechanics of the plaintiff’s injury.  The Court also found that the trial court properly excluded evidence of basic reparations benefits, and that the trial court’s rulings concerning the statements of certain jurors during trial were appropriate.  The full opinion can be found here.

WHT attorneys Ashley Brown and Graham Barth obtained the defense verdict and the appellate opinion affirming the verdict.

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