Kentucky Court of Appeals Upholds Summary Judgment Argued by WHT Attorneys

Brian M. GudalisThe Kentucky Court of Appeals upheld the summary judgment that was argued by WHT attorneys Brian Gudalis and Jim Freel on behalf of Louisville Road Ventures LLC in the case of Robert Ragle v. Louisville Road Ventures LLC and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Louisville Road Ventures owned property that was leased by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Mr. Ragle was an employee of the Commonwealth who fell on what he claimed was a property defect.  Mr. Ragle injured his knee, which required surgery, and he claimed more than $100,000 in damages.  The Court of Appeals agreed that Louisville Road Ventures breached no duty owed to Mr. Ragle and his claims were properly dismissed via summary judgment.  The decision also denied the Commonwealth of Kentucky from recovering workers’ compensation payments made to Mr. Ragle.



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